Beauty in the Beltline-Part 2

The great thing about these reno project is it brings life into an older building, that sometimes get overlooked.  With all of the new condo developments, the inner city loses its character of spaces.  Cookie cutter condos definitely have a time and place, but every unit in the entire complex looks similar.    

So, that brings me to my next point.  How could I incorporate some of the local Calgary artistic talent into our spaces? The project last fall which was such a hit I had taken art from our walls that I loved and staged it into the unit which ended up having requests to purchase the paintings.  So, when I found our next reno project I wanted to incorporate some amazing local talent into the space and allow them to not only get exposure but to have a sort of pop up art sale in the project while it is listed on the MLS.   

I love the idea that the new buyer could already imagine living in the space and could potentially buy a picture that fits perfect, or someone who may not buy the unit gets exposed to new local artists and has the ability to engage and buy a piece for that one wall that’s missing something.   

I am a huge advocate for supporting local businesses whether its artists, restaurants, cool shops etc, if there’s a way to refer people to other cool things I love I am on it…I guess in a way I get more out of helping others who have awesome visions or cool stuff people should know about, why not right?!  Especially empowering entrepreneurs who have a passion, and it was a no brainer to select Tiffany and Anna to be part of that vision for this specific project.  The space is the perfect canvas for their fun and bright street and pop art.  

This idea was always with the anticipation to have a preview to see what kind of response it would get. I hosted a pre-MLS pop up art show which will allowed people to view the space, have a glass of wine or 2 and fall in love with the artwork and space combined.  It was a great success with over 60+ people throughout the night and several pieces sold. 

The style is quite unique for Calgary… I am constantly pushing the elements and taking risks, and although it may not be for everyone, I am finding more and more people want something fresh, unique and trendy!  And the added bonus is you get a much larger space for the price you would pay on a brand-new build, and it doesn’t look like every other unit.   

The vision is that every detail of the project is meticulously planned and executed (including artwork) to create a unique space for its new owner.  The problem is I usually love them so much they are hard to part with.  It has never been about making money, and more so about passion which I think is what sets it apart.

With this success I cannot wait to involve more local artists in upcoming projects to grow awareness for local arts and allow them to showcase their talents!!

I have attached some photos below of the latest project.