"A vibrant and experienced leader in the real estate industry, Erin Ferguson has the ability to see “past the paint”, transforming the buyer experience by connecting on a creative, personal level."

A Bit About Me In Real Estate...

I have lived in Calgary for over 16 years now and have been investing in Real Estate locally since 2004.  I have purchased and sold in the downturn as well as the peak of the market, so I am very familiar with our price cycles and how they work. I have also sat on the condo board (as President) on most of my condo purchases so I am very well versed on condos and what to look for as a primary residence and/or investment. 

In 2009 after 7 years in Sales and Management at TELUS I left the comfort of the corporate world and decided to start my own business in the Real Estate Industry.  My initial step was to become a Mortgage Broker.  This gave me a great opportunity to interact with buyers and Realtors in order to get a thorough understanding of what works well and what doesn’t. 

I always felt I had a really good grasp on the lending side of things, having successfully purchased two homes in Calgary, so I undertook to complete my Real Estate Licences while doing mortgages full time to pay the bills.

Upon completing the Licence and Certificate process, I transitioned into a fulltime career in Real Estate.  I have since consistently been a Top Producer in our Calgary brokerage (Century 21 Bamber Realty) and in the top 5% Nationally as Centurion (the Century 21 top producer award) year over year.  I feel very lucky to have found a career that provides enjoyment every day and allows me to meet awesome new faces along the way.

I know there is always a choice in this business.  With that said, I understand the key components of working both sides of this business.  Knowing the market, being accountable to your client, answering your phone and being a tough negotiator on both sides of the deal are Key.  I am a firm believer in pricing properties properly and will use multiple avenues to source out market comparables to ensure I can defend pricing once an offer is made. I believe in tough negotiations for my clients and will push to make sure no money is left on the table in the end.

My commitment to all of my clients is the same which is, communication on all sides is the key to any successful transaction. Over the years I have sourced an excellent team of professionals which ensures every one of my clients have the best possible experience end-to-end.  For me, working with my clients is some of the most enjoyable times I have had, and I can honestly say that each and every client I work with becomes a life long friend along the process...I guess that’s why I do what I do. Any client I have worked with will tell you I put my heart and soul into this job day in day out and have the "do whatever it takes" attitude to solve problems or make a very big decision as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. :)

I look forward to working with you!!


What is some other things about you that people may not know?

I was born in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, have lived in Victoria, Regina, Cayman Islands and Calgary in my lifetime (Calgary being the longest).  I would say I have the perfect combination of my mothers socializing skills and my fathers business/engineering mathematical brain. I really enjoy people on a whole which makes this job a perfect fit.

I am a HUGE animal advocate.  As a child I have owned everything from frogs, dogs, birds, cats hamsters and more.  As an adult dogs are my life.  We have two amazing Irish Water Spaniels Marlee & Sullivan, who keep us laughing and on our toes.  There is something very special about dogs and the relationship you form with them.  I can't imagane my life without owning one. 

I love connecting people, whether its personal or business, if I have a solution or recommendation be it businesses, food or people I do my best to connect the dots.  I love seeing others succeed and if I can help with their goals I am all in.

I LOVE throwing parties. Again this comes back to people connecting if there’s an opportunity to put clients, friends and colleges in a room together to meet I am always game.  Over the last few years, I have thrown a some fairly memorable parties both Charitable and just for fun.

I do a vision board workshop every January with anyone who wants to join.  I have done vision boards for almost 10 years now and it is amazing to see what you can accomplish when you put your goals on paper.

I am also a source of the most random information which actually comes in quite handy when showing homes.  With having a background in Computer Science in University I have mastered the art of googling and fact finding. Could have been a detective if Real Estate didn’t' work out ;)

I LOVE Amazon Prime...I should probably own shares because I have sold more memberships to that company than I can count on both hands. 

I have a ridiculous memory for song lyrics and movie quotes...The weirder the song or quote the better it sticks...

What’s the best part about my job? 
This is a tough one. There are so many components about my job that I love.  Working with people to find them homes, negotiating, helping them design their space, laughing with my clients-we have so many inside jokes it is sad for me when they buy/sell a place because I am always so attached to the bond we have built over the time we spent together. I think when you commit to a career and ensuring you have a good relationship and connect with clients we take the world by storm.  You basically have to enjoy having non stop coffee dates with me for a long period of time so the connection is important.